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Shafi Musaddique covers Britain and Ireland for the Christian Science Monitor from London, where he was born and raised.

He worked in London’s museum and arts sector, before pursuing a career in journalism. Shafi started off life as a journalist reporting for local London newspapers in 2015, before joining The Economist’s first ever social media team. He then went on to launch a radio program called People Fixing The World at the BBC World Service, and then became business reporter for the Independent and CNBC International. In 2019, Shafi covered European politics for Euronews based in Lyon, France, as well as freelancing for the National UAE. He has also freelanced for German broadcaster Deutsche Welle and Business Insider.

Shafi’s interests cover a range of topics, including British and European politics, race, faith and identity, border and frontier cultures, marginalized communities, workers rights, and social justice. The inspiration to many of his stories are born from the multiple identities of growing up and living in the traditionally working class London borough of Camden, home to 130 languages, and being a second-generation Brit born from Bangladeshi parents. Shafi holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature and linguistics from Queen Mary, University of London.

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