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Kendra Nordin Beato has been with The Christian Science Monitor since December 1999.
In addition to her current work as a Staff Editor for online news at, Kendra has also written a wide variety of feature stories ranging from climate change as art to people making a difference to the rise of urban farming. Previously, she worked as the Assistant Books and Food Editor in the Features department and as Western Region Editor in the National News department. She served for five years on the Editorial/Opinion page as the Assistant Opinion Page Editor, including a 10-month stint as the interim Opinion Page Editor.
Kendra also produces a daily recipe blog called, Stir It Up! with 17 cooperating food bloggers on (Check out her personal recipe and food-related blog, Kitchen Report.)
Her July 11, 2011 cover story for The Christian Science Monitor magazine, "The Big Stir," about America's culinary renaissance, was nominated for a 2012 James Beard food writing award.

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