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Graham Starr joined the Christian Science Monitor in June 2015 as a Dow Jones News Fund Digital Media Intern, and started writing about technology for the Innovation section. Graham is interested in design-focused, multimedia, and data-driven applications to storytelling, and you can find some of his projects on his github page or in his portfolio. Graham also writes humor pieces and comedy, and in his spare time can be found at a concert or on a mountain or at a concert on a mountain. Graham was Editor of the Tufts University humor and satire publication, The Zamboni, for two years, where he redesigned the magazine and guided it into the digital web3.0 #disrupt generation.

Years from now, historians will wonder whether Graham ever existed, or whether he ever will. This debate will be divided into two camps, both of which have water slides and play kickball on weekends. Graham vows to one day write a book called "Animorphs but Plants," inspired by the similarly-titled young adult series by K.A. Applegate.

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