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Fruzsina Eördögh is Passcode's Chicago-based freelance correspondent covering the cultural, societal, and political impact of security, privacy, and surveillance. After emigrating to the United States from Hungary as a 4-year-old, she spent most of her childhood on New York City's Roosevelt Island. While Eördögh began writing silly picture books, short stories, and poems almost immediately, her journalism career didn't start until she moved to Chicago for college. She began covering cultural and entertainment news, then expanded to crime and political news, for a slew of local websites that now include Newcity, Patch, Gapers Block, the Chicago Reader, and the Tribune's Chicago Magazine. Eördögh's focus on digital rights and culture happened in 2011 after she was hired as staff at the Daily Dot, with her byline appearing now in Vice, Variety, the Guardian, Slate, xoJane, and ReadWrite, among others. When not working for the Christian Science Monitor, she plays video games and watches anime. Despite a love of reality cooking shows and Mario Kart, she can neither cook nor drive.

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