The Feehery Theory

by John Feehery

The Feehery Theory offers theories on many different things, but focuses mostly on politics. It has a center-right perspective, with an appreciation for challenges that face congressional leaders as they try to build consensus with the other body, the other party, and the executive branch. So it's very serious. Except when it's funny.  With a Master’s degree in history, John Feehery brings a historian’s perspective to the current political debates, trying to put them in the proper historical perspective.

Feehery is a familiar face in Washington.  He is often seen on "Hardball," makes appearances on CNN, has a column in The Hill, and contributes to The Wall Street Journal’s Think Tank. He spent 15 years working in the House Republican leadership as a speechwriter, a press secretary and a communications director, working for political luminaries such as House minority leader Bob Michel, House majority whip and House Speaker Denny Hastert.