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The Monitor Daily is a digital news subscription designed for how you learn about the world in a digital age. See all the Daily's features in the video below:

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Why do you need the Monitor today?

News can be overwhelming and dispiriting. But it doesn't have to be.

By focusing on the ideas and values behind the news, The Christian Science Monitor brings you constructive journalism that's an antidote to cynicism and negativity. That approach makes the Monitor a home for compassionate global thinkers who want to explore the world's most pressing challenges and be part of the solutions.

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Is the Monitor's biased?

While the Monitor has a long-standing reputation for trustworthy reporting, we think former Monitor Editor Marshall Ingwerson best explained how we think about our bias: "The Monitor has a bias for hope."

Time and again, Monitor reporters have found that when people have the courage to break out of narrow assumptions about those on the “other” side – no matter who that “other” is – and engage them with a genuine sense of goodwill, barriers fall.

Our stories are not about telling readers what to think. Rather, they break down the idea that our differences are irreconcilable.

Is the Monitor biased toward a sense of unity, that amid all the diversities of opinions and races and nations, we can find a common humanity that more strongly binds us? Yes.


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