Mobile FAQ

What’s the difference between the mobile site and the "Full" or "Desktop" site?"

In terms of content, there is absolutely no difference. The same articles, quizzes, lists, galleries and blogs you read on our site from your computer are available to you on your mobile phone. The primary difference is this content will now be more easily viewed on your mobile device without having to zoom and scroll horizontally. In addition, you will notice some differences in the general layout and location of elements in the mobile site than what you see in the full (desktop) version, but rest assured all the same content is available.

How do I view the Monitor’s mobile site?

You will be redirected to the Mobile version of the Monitor’s website automatically if you visit via your mobile phone.

NOTE: The official direct URL for the Monitor’s mobile site is:

Why does the Monitor’s website look different on my phone than on my desktop computer?

As part of a continuing effort to provide our readers with the best experience possible, we have streamlined the website for easier viewing on small screens, and to make page navigation on mobile phones easier. Pages have been optimized to allow for faster download, which should help get you the content you’re looking for in a faster, easier to consume format.

Where can I find the _________?


On the mobile site, we’re calling the Homepage: "Top Stories." (You can navigate to Top Stories by clicking the button, or tab, at the top left of every page, or in the footer menu.)

Section pages?

There are two ways to find a list of site sections:

1. The top right button, or tab, on all pages, labeled "Sections" and,

2. A link in the footer of each page labeled "Sections."

Right Column?

If you’re looking for elements of our site that are usually located in the right column of the page (i.e. Most Viewed, Facebook recommends, video, etc), you’ll notice that the mobile site has no "right column." This was a decision made in an effort to keep the experience as clean and easy to read as possible. (You can find "Most Viewed" articles by clicking on the center button, or tab, at the top of each page, or in the footer menu.

How do I search?

The search box is located in the footer (near the very bottom) of each page. It works the same as the search box on the desktop site.

How can I share an article?

There are three ways to share an article you like: Facebook, Twitter and by Email. You will find these options at the bottom of each article.

Can I still view the "Full Site" if I want to?

Of course, if you’d rather see the site on your mobile phone the same as you view it on your desktop, there is a link in the footer on each page of the mobile site that will allow you to "View Full Site." Once you click this link, you will view the "Full" desktop version of the Monitor's website for the duration of that visit, unless you clear your browser cache or go directly to (Cookie expires after 24 hours.)

How can I get back to the mobile site after I’ve clicked through to the "Full Site?"

Clear your browser's cookies, or type into your browser’s address bar.

I’m on a tablet, why am I still seeing the full site?

The "Full Site" actually displays quite well on tablets, and since our mobile site is so streamlined, we thought it would be a much better experience for you, the reader, to view the "Full Site" from your tablet.