Newsroom Directory

Editor: Mark Sappenfield

Managing Editor: Amelia Newcomb

Chief Editorial Writer: Clayton Jones

Content Editor, Daily Edition: Yvonne Zipp

Content Editor, Weekly Edition: Noelle Swan

Director of Editorial Innovation: Clayton Collins

International News Editor: Peter Ford

Daily Edition Deputy Editors: Trudy PalmerMark Trumbull

Deputy Weekly Edition Editor, Books Editor: April Austin

Editor, The Home Forum: Owen Thomas

Section Editors

Senior Editors: Judy DouglassClara Germani

Senior Editorial Writer: Kurt Shillinger

Staff Editors: Angela Wang, Kendra Nordin BeatoHusna Haq

Intern Editor: Kendra Nordin Beato

Desk Editor, National News: Ali Martin

Copy Desk Editor: Casey Fedde

Staff Writers and Special Correspondents

Managing Editor, Design: Julie Fallon

Director of Photography: Alfredo Sosa

Senior Photographers: Melanie Stetson FreemanAnn Hermes

Production Manager/ Tech Coordinator: Lily Mui

Director, Graphics and Multimedia: Jake Turcotte

Graphic Design Journalist: Karen Norris

Digital Story Team Leader: Samantha Laine Perfas

Multimedia Producer: Jingnan Peng


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