Acceptance policy

The Christian Science Monitor accepts a wide range of products and services; however, the following categories are not considered appropriate for advertising or for mention in advertising copy:

  • Alcohol as a beverage or in food products.
  • Tobacco.
  • Products containing caffeine.
  • Mental, medical, or health-related products or services.
  • Naming or describing specific diseases, physical symptoms, or treatments.
  • References to sex, sensuality, or use of profane or vulgar language.
  • Bereavement notices.
  • Gambling activities.
  • Dishonest or misleading statements.
  • Appeals using overly emotional or graphic visual depictions.
  • Ad Hominem arguments (accusative attacks on individuals or groups)

For advertising inquiries, call Larissa O'Donnell: 617.450.2644, or send e-mail