Do you have it in a pin-stripe?

In the 1963 suspense thriller "Charade," there's a memorable scene in which the hero, Cary Grant, slips into a shower fully clothed and proceeds to lather up with a bar of soap, to the amusement of costar Audrey Hepburn. That may or may not have been the inspiration, but now – 44 years later – comes word that a Japanese company is marketing a line of business suits that are meant to be cleaned the same way. The garments, by Konaka Co., Ltd., of Yokohama, are made for buyers of both genders who are short on time, money, and especially steam irons. Let's say you're one of them and need a clean change of clothing for important job interviews or sales calls on consecutive days. According to the company's website, you simply wash your "Shower Clean" suit under a stream of warm water, first inside out and then the opposite way. Then you hang it up to dry. Washable suits have been available for some time now, but Konaka claims its are unique because they require no ironing and "return to the original shape easily." The company, which operates 320 haberdasheries nationwide, sees its market niche as job-hunting college students and young professionals who live alone and can't always turn to a dry cleaner. Alas, the convenience doesn't come cheaply. "Shower Clean" suits, once they arrive on the racks in February, are expected to retail for up to $492.

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