When women hold top state jobs, voters like the results

A record-tying nine women currently serve as governors of their states. And even though one of them – Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana – is stepping down in January, results of a new study show that female chief executives generally are well received by voters. The study, conducted by the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, which promotes participation by women in all levels of government, found that a majority of respondents consider female governors better than their male counterparts at getting things done and solving problems. The results are based on telephone surveys of 2,700 voters. The women who hold the "corner offices" in their respective states, and the political affiliation of each:

  • Sarah Palin (R) Alaska
  • Janet Napolitano (D) Arizona
  • Jodi Rell (R) Connecticut
  • Ruth Ann Minner (D) Delaware
  • Linda Lingle (R) Hawaii
  • Kathleen Sebelius (D) Kansas
  • Kathleen Blanco (D) Louisiana
  • Jennifer Granholm (D) Michigan
  • Christine Gregoire (D) Washington
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