Students from abroad swell US college ranks again

American colleges and universities experienced a 3 percent increase in the enrollment of international students during the 2006-07 academic year, according to the latest annual report by the Institute of International Education. While at first glance that may seem modest, it is the most significant rise in the post-9/11 years – a jump that Allan Goodman, the institute's chief, attributes to efforts to ease visa processing and recruit more vigorously. Total international enrollments reached 583,000, but half of this number, Goodman says, is concentrated in 150 schools, leaving "an enormous capacity to expand" among roughly 4,000 other colleges. Those with the largest numbers of foreign students, and the total in each case, according to the Institute of International Education:

  • 1. University of Southern California 7,115
  • 2. Columbia University 5,937
  • 3. New York University 5,827
  • 4. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 5,685
  • 5. Purdue University 5,581
  • 6. University of Michigan 5,429
  • 7. University of Texas 5,303
  • 8. UCLA 4,704
  • 9. Harvard University 4,514
  • 10. Boston University 4,484
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