Excerpts of remarks by leading newsmakers

On the implications of the UN sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report issued Saturday:

(Meeks) "What we all heard in the ... report is that the time frame [for action] has just shrunk substantially and I think that is an important message for Capitol Hill as well as for all of us."

On whether there is a mandate in the 2008 presidential campaign for action on global warming:

(Roberts) "It would be great if a mandate emerged from this election, but we haven't seen it be one of the top three issues for the candidates, possibly with the exception of [John] McCain."

On the carrot-versus-stick approach in leading environmental change:

(Roberts) "It is irresponsible to paint a picture of the problem without having a strong picture of the solution.... There are signs for hope in the world when you see what different countries are doing to respond to the problem.

(Meeks) "Carter and I both represent organizations [that] have as one of their core attributes hope about the future.... But at the same time, I think a little doom-and-gloom despair is called for ... and a few nightmares would probably be good for us as Americans because we have been living in La-La Land about this."

On the relationship between action on global warming by the US and other nations:

(Meeks) "Without our leadership it is going to be harder to get China and India there."

– David Cook

An expanded report is available at: www.csmonitor.com/breakfast

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