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We asked the Grammy-winning British pop singer what he's reading, watching, and listening to.

... reading?

I'm reading The Secret Life of Humphrey Bogart. It makes for good, trashy reading. Also, Isaac Asimov books, and Philip K. Dick is a real favorite of mine. [I'm] a real science fiction guy.

... Listening to?

I've been listening to Times Like These, which is by the Foo Fighters. It's a real great song. And listening to some Colin Hay. I was actually [a Men at Work fan]; very much so. I kind of grew up with them. They're awesome.

... Watching?

TV-wise, my favorite show is Lost. I love 24, though I didn't like the last season. I thought it was not as good as it could have been. Prison Break has some good moments. I actually don't watch those on TV because I never really have time. I download them when I'm in transit somewhere on my computer. When I'm not doing that, when I'm not watching those shows, my favorite thing to watch on TV is sport; I'm a real sports junkie. I love the NFL, lots of NBA, lots of tennis – tennis is my No. 1 favorite sport. There was a historical [NFL] game this weekend. There is only one team right now, and that's the Patriots. I think [the Pats' Bill Belichick] is the best coach – quite possibly the best coach of all time, certainly the best coach of this era. I think [Tom] Brady is the best quarterback, for the simple fact that he just wins. He just wins. As a whole, as a team, [the Pats] personify the whole concept of team – what that word team means.

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