Know your animal facts

A fill-in-the-blank quiz for kids.

In the list below, can you guess the animals?

Hint No. 1: Each contains a double letter. The double letters are shown.

Hint No. 2: The list is in alphabetical order from K to R.

Hint No. 3: There are clues before each animal's name.

1. These birds make loud, long calls that sound like laughter. There is a song about one sitting in an old gum tree.

_ o o _ _ _ _ r r _

2. This animal was an important part of the ancient Inca transportation system. You can find them in South America.

l l _ _ _

3. This is the world's largest member of the deer family. It is the biggest antlered animal in the world.

_ o o _ _

4. This cousin to the penguin nests with others in large colonies. It can hold up to 30 fish in its bill, and it can fly 40 m.p.h.

_ _ f f _ _

5. This animal usually lives alone. It can be found from Canada to South America. It can swim but prefers not to, and it's a good climber.

_ _ c c o o _

6. This animal has a "comb" on top of his head. He can wake up the whole farm in the morning.

_ o o _ _ _ _



1. Kookaburra

2. Llama

3. Moose

4. Puffin

5. Raccoon

6. Rooster

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