Prayers for Pakistan

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People all over the world are watching events in Pakistan. The tension and danger there are great. No one really knows how things are going to evolve.

As I was reading the Monitor's articles on the crisis, I was struck by one lawyer's comment that " 'there is no Supreme Court' now" ("Key leaders stay silent in Pakistan," Nov. 6). It reminded me of a reference to the "Supreme Court of Spirit," that Mary Baker Eddy makes in her book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (see p. 437). Mrs. Eddy's discovery of Christian Science included the insight that Spirit, or divine Principle, is the source of all true law, and that ultimately Principle will prevail, even in cases where the situation seems doubtful or confusing.

I like to think that the Supreme Court of Spirit is in session in Pakistan, and that each individual involved in sorting out what should happen next will be guided by that Supreme Court. Our prayers can support a peaceful outcome by recognizing that God is infinite Spirit, and thus present everywhere. No border guards, no media shutdown or elimination of Internet access can stop Principle's influence from being felt.

Affirming this as a spiritual fact is a great necessity during this time. Pakistan has great potential for good, but it is also a nuclear power. It's vital that those weapons remain unused. Clearly, great diplomatic efforts are being made, and will continue to play a role.

In our prayers, we can recognize that each individual affected by this crisis can respond to the guidance of divine intelligence, instead of yielding to chaos, corruption, and uncertainty, which are driven by fear. Evil cannot immobilize or send the forces of good into foolish panic.

Our prayers can support an outcome where each individual experiences some measure of God's intelligence and law. No one is too famous, too infamous, too obscure or poor to be overlooked by the one all-loving God whose purpose for all is good.

I find my prayers gain greater conviction through reliance on this statement from the book of Isaiah in the Bible: "The Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; he will save us" (33:22).

When we put God first in our prayers, really recognize His as the prevailing power, we help drive out fear that might lead to a mistake. We also free ourselves from trying to outline what the ideal solution should be. Because God is Spirit, His judgment isn't according to material characteristics, personal power, or financial status. In the divine Court of Spirit, goodness, love, intelligence, and honesty prevail. Selfishness, hatred, corruption, and fear are brought to light and then ruled out by divine Principle.

These negative modes of thought have no real power to restrict progress, where intelligence and love hold sway. Because Love is a synonym for God, it is not just infinite but all powerful. And omnipotent Love is a force to be reckoned with.

Science and Health explains, "Divine Love corrects and governs man" (p. 6). This process of correcting may take different forms depending on the circumstances, and the outcome may not always be obvious right away. Even if the human conditions don't at first seem to be progressive, our diligent prayer can help shift the direction of events and bring about a more peaceful and stable situation.

Pakistan's leaders and people are walking a precipitous road, but it gives me hope that the law of divine Principle is inescapably present for them. How this spiritualization of thought regarding Pakistan's future will take place is unknown. But our prayers for this crucial nation under pressure from within and without will help its leaders find a solution that will save face, and also begin to establish peace and stability in their country.

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