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From the Colts-Pats showdown, to a do-it-yourself cookbook, here are five things we think you'll really like.

A treasure hunt

The Rape of Europa documents how the failed Austrian painter Adolf Hitler and his generals meticulously pillaged the great galleries and museums of Europe and Russia with a list of plunder meticulously drawn up before the war. Equally riveting is footage of the Allies' postwar treasure hunt to track down most of the masterworks and return them to their rightful owners. (Includes graphic war images.)


Electronic Arts, a video-game company based in California, has long dominated the digital sports arena. No surprise then that NHL 08, which is available for a Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, is our new favorite toy. The learning curve is steep, but once you get the hang of it, it's the next best thing to puck-on-ice action. And this way, you'll get to keep your teeth.

Globetrotting 101

Condé Nast Traveler introduces a new feature this month: Travel Etiquette. The first guide focuses on France, India, and Japan, and includes hints like this: If your host serves orange or grapefruit juice at a French dinner party, the evening is winding down and it may be time to go. For more tips pick up the November issue or check out 'Etiquette 101' online, at

Pen your own cookbook

Cooking from stacks of dog-eared recipe books and pages ripped out of Gourmet magazine? Check out For $35 it lets you create a personalized hardcover cookbook with 100 of your favorites from your own recipe box or (the website of Gourmet and Bon Appétit).

That colts-PATS showdown

We'll add our voice to the chorus: Sunday night's NFL battle of unbeatens (CBS, 4 p.m. ET) between Indy's defending Super Bowl champs and New England's steamroller will almost certainly live up to the hype.

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