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Readers write about the gender of a candidate, nonexistent free makets, a love of e-books, and the importance of screenwriters.

Vote for the candidate, not the gender

Regarding the Oct. 19 article, "Clinton's lead is sweeping, but not clinched": When people are chosen for certain jobs based on who they are and not what they do or plan to do, I really get upset.

To vote for a future president based on his or her sex is ludicrous.

I am a Democrat and would love Republicans to have a change of thought and vote for a Democrat, but only for the right reasons.

That does not include something like gender. It matters what is in that person's heart and mind and which candidate lets us know that.

Sandy Sandlin
Sylacauga, Ala.

Free markets don't exist

In response to Randal O'Toole's Oct. 18 Opinion piece, "Government plans don't work": I disagree with the argument of Mr. O'Toole. I do not support the libertarian values of "You're on your own" espoused in his Opinion piece.

There is no such thing as a "free" market. Every market is controlled for someone's advantage. Many businesses make their profit by externalizing the costs of doing business.

For example, where would Wal-Mart be without the transportation network of public roads and highways, which are now disproportionately subsidized by wage earners?

The scales of fairness are tilted in favor of the 1,400-plus-pound-gorillas of society, who have little if any reason to look out for the little guy.

I want the government to be there making sure my interests and the interests of other little guys are protected.

And if we want smaller government, let's cut defense and justice services to the same – or greater – extent that we are cutting social programs.

Long live the New Deal!

Karen J. Savage
Sacramento, Calif.

E-books: A library to curl up with

Regarding the Oct. 19 article, "E-books multiply, but who's reading them?" Well, I am, for one.

I own a Sony Personal Reader, and I use it strictly as my "spiritual reading" library. At present, I have about 26 books – all having spiritual topics – loaded on it.

I have no qualms about curling up on the couch with the Reader and exploring any of my favorite books.

And, after having purchased a few e-books, I have discovered how to download free items from relevant Internet sites and format them so they fit on the Reader screen in pdf format. I can customize font, type size, etc.

I actually really enjoy having this library all on a device that is 5 inches by 7 inches in size.

C. D. Rushbrook
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Screenwriters matter

The Oct. 19 article, "Will Hollywood writers strike? Labor drama unfolds," was excellent.

Any person who pays careful attention to movie scripts, television drama scripts, etc., knows that scripts have evolved into a new species of writing in the world in which we live today.

One would find it difficult to imagine writing a script for a movie such as, say, "Minority Report" or "Titanic" or "Cider House Rules" without having an irreplaceable sensitivity to the subject matter guiding one's thoughts. And this is just to mention a few random scripts.

Writing a script, designing costumes, designing sets – these are all underappreciated arts.

Stephen White
Auburn, Ala.

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