Letters to the Editor

Readers write about Florida Republicans, Al Gore's character, the Itinerant Artist Project, and the campaign to ban greyhound racing.

Florida Republicans are blocking Democrats again

Regarding the Oct. 16 article, "Can the Democratic party ignore Florida's primary?": It seems apparent that Florida's Republican politicians are still able to prevent a Democratic win in that state's elections.

This is a very disturbing state of affairs, and one that will have to be forcefully dealt with if this nation can ever hope to survive, let alone move forward.

James Oglesby
Oklahoma City

Gore's character appeal

I was so grateful to read Andy Zelleke's Oct. 15 Opinion piece, "America: exceptional no more?" It is so true, and we need to wake up to this reality.

A good example of poor judgment is that former President Bill Clinton won his elections on personality, not character, whereas former Vice President Al Gore had the character and ability but lost in 2000.

Mr. Gore's loss was not only due to dishonesty at the polls but also a lack of personal appeal.

This is so shameful when we remember what it cost so many people to establish the United States and give us the opportunity to live up to the standards we claim to have in our Constitution.

Greed and lust for power should not be acceptable anywhere, but especially not in this country.

We need people like Gore. He has shown the substance of his character in what he has been doing since the shameful 2000 election.

Shirley Boyer
Springdale, Ark.

Nothing is ordinary when bartering art

I enjoyed reading the Oct. 16 article "Will paint for a bed and a meal," about my Itinerant Artist Project.

It is worth noting, however, that the main purpose of my tours is to explore the practice, function, and distribution of fine art outside the commercial market system, in the direct context of other people's everyday, ordinary lives.

But it all depends on the collaboration of hosts, whom I would never characterize as "ordinary."

Typically, they are accomplished, engaged individuals from whom I always learn a lot about the art of sharing and the adventure of living.

This could be said, also, of the judge in Montana who just let me pay a speeding ticket (my first in 15,000 miles) with a piece of art for the courthouse.

Jim Mott
Pittsford, N.Y.

Keep up the pro-greyhound campaign

In response to the Oct. 10 article, "One woman's crusade to ban greyhound racing": Kudos to Grey2K USA for not allowing the campaign to outlaw greyhound racing in Massachusetts to die.

An increasingly informed public no longer wants to support an industry that treats greyhounds as if they are equipment, discards dogs who don't "make the cut" like trash, and subjects these gentle, sociable animals to a life of servitude and misery.

Greyhound racing is an industry fraught with cruelty. In the state of Massachusetts alone, hundreds of dogs have suffered catastrophic injuries. Many pay with their lives.

The people of Massachusetts have made their opposition to this cruel industry loud and clear.

It is time for their elected officials to listen and ban this shameful "sport" once and for all.

Jennifer O'Connor
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Norfolk, Va.

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