At least you're a hit with me

Kevin Weaver was pretty sure his proposal of marriage would be accepted. Still, he thought it needed a special touch. And not by presenting it on the scoreboard at a sporting event. Or in a crossword puzzle that his intended would find in Sunday’s paper. Or carved into a cornfield, where she’d see it when he took her for a plane ride over his farm. No, Kevin had something in mind that would have greater impact. The Danville, Pa., resident is a fan of demolition derby – a competition in which contestants ram each other in old jalopies until only one is still drivable. What: You can’t see where this is going? OK, well, he entered last Saturday night’s derby and brought Karen Slusser and her family along to watch. Now, she knew he’d mounted a stuffed rabbit on the roof of his car as an advertisement for her breeding business. At that point, however, he said he needed to store the vehicle in a friend’s garage to keep it out of the rain until it could be taken to the local racetrack. Once it was out of sight, he painted “Karen Slusser, will U marry me?” on the driver’s side and attached a stuffed diamond engagement ring to one of the bunny’s paws. Because, he explained: “Every woman I know says she wants to announce it to the world when she gets engaged. I figured I’d announce it for her.” The evening turned out to be – ahem – a smash success. He didn’t win the derby, but he did win Karen’s hand – on which he placed a real diamond ring.

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