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Morgan Freeman lends gravitas to 'Feast,' and Ang Lee's 'Lust' is best approached with caution.

New in theaters Feast of Love (R)

Director: Robert Benton. With Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear, Radha Mitchell. (102 min.)

Most of the love in "Feast of Love" is unrequited, untapped, or unfulfilled. Based on the Charles Baxter novel and directed by Robert Benton, this somewhat pokey drama stars Greg Kinnear as a coffee-shop owner whose romanticism keeps clashing with reality. His best friend, played by Morgan Freeman, is a worldly-wise type who also provides the film's narration. (Freeman once again sounds like God.) The fine cast, which includes Jane Alexander, Selma Blair, and Radha Mitchell, is also somewhat underused. Grade: B– – Peter Rainer

Lust, Caution (NC-17)

Director: Ang Lee. With Joan Chen, Tony Leung. (157 min.)

Set in Japanese-occupied Shanghai during World War II, Ang Lee's uneven new film is a bit like a Chinese variant on Paul Verhoeven's "The Black Book." Wang Jiazhi (Tang Wei), a first-year university student whose family fled Hong Kong, joins up with a nationalistic, anti-Japanese group that seeks to assassinate Mr. Yee (Tony Leung), Shanghai's reigning Chinese collaborator and head of the secret service. Posing as a mah-jongg-playing socialite, Wang infiltrates not only Yee's organization but also his bed. The sex scenes in this otherwise overly prim period piece are extremely graphic. Grade: B – P.R.

Still in theaters Resident Evil: Extinction (R)

Director: Russell Mulcahy. With Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Ashanti. (95 min.)

Zombies that the Umbrella Corporation released in the first two "Resident Evil" movies have taken over planet Earth, with but a few survivors, including Alice (Milla Jovovich), left to fight them. Since Alice's blood has bonded with the zombie virus, she has special powers, including levitation, the ability to mentally fry communications satellites, and erase 15 years from her careworn face whenever she has a tight close-up. A mad scientist (Iain Glen), hired to domesticate the zombies with serum he derives from the blood of Alice or her clones, is actually breeding superzombies to no discernible purpose other than adding gore and mayhem. Grade: D – M.K. Terrell

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