Flight has landed. Now, how to get into the city quickly?

Whether flying for business or pleasure, getting to one's destination seldom ends at the airport. There's still the (no small) matter of transportation from the terminal to a hotel or appointment – and the more congested the city, the greater the challenge probably will be. While taxis, rental cars, and limo/shuttle services are always an option, they can be expensive or at least require waits in cab lines and, finally, in traffic. For easy and cheap access to city centers, the website has compiled a list of airports that offer public transportation (subways, buses, light rail service, commuter boats, or some combination of these) as an attractive option. The US airports that the site ranks as having the best public transportation connections to their respective cities:

  • 1. Boston, Logan International
  • 2. Washington, Reagan National
  • 3. San Francisco International
  • 4. New York, Kennedy International
  • 5. Minneapolis-St. Paul International
  • 6. Chicago, O'Hare
  • 7. Philadelphia International
  • 8. Portland (Ore.) International
  • 9. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International
  • 10. Baltimore/Washington International
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