Name that 'inkblot': a quiz for kids

‘Ink’ appears somewhere in each quiz answer.

In this word puzzle, see if you can name the "inky" things described.

1. If you mix red paint and white paint together, this is what you might get. Some little girls like this color more than any other color.

_ i n k

2. Some people call these jimmies. You can scatter them on ice cream cones or on cupcakes. You can even eat them plain! They are certainly yummy treats. Weathermen use this same word to describe light rain.

_ _ _ i n k _ _ _

3. This is the nasal grunting sound pigs make.

_ i n k

4. In the old days before ballpoint and gel pens, students had to keep refilling their pens, and mischievous boys were said to dip girls' pigtails in these.

I n k _ _ _ _ _

5. A carnivorous animal related to a weasel that is famous for having valuable and soft fur.

_ i n k


1. Pink

2. Sprinkles

3. Oink

4. Inkwells

5. Mink

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