The Miami police department said it reluctantly decided to give its patrol officers the option of carrying assault rifles so that they can combat criminals who wield similar weapons. Officers who opt to use the guns must be trained and certified and they must purchase the guns on their own due to budget limitations.

Fewer high-calorie soft drinks are going into school vending machines, according to the beverage industry, which released its first report card Monday on efforts to address concerns about student obesity. Beverages shipped to schools last year contained about 40 percent fewer calories than they did in 2004, and the percentage of nondiet sodas was trimmed from 47 to 32 percent.

In an effort to keep dust levels down and reduce coarse particulate pollution to allowable federal levels, Maricopa County, Ariz., will add 91 new employees to its Air Quality Department, including 51 new dust inspectors, according to The Arizona Republic. Other efforts to address the problem include paving dirt roads, sweeping streets, and closely monitoring construction sites.

Police arrested O.J. Simpson Sunday in Las Vegas, saying he was part of an armed group that burst into a hotel room and snatched memorabilia that documented his football career. Simpson claimed he confronted a collector but didn't rob him.

"The Sopranos," the mob series that aired its final show in June, claimed its final Emmy Award Sunday as best dramatic TV series. America Ferrera (l.), who was named the best comedic actress, was the lone front-runner to win an acting award for her portrayal of a dumpy fashion magazine assistant on "Ugly Betty."

General Motors Corp. factory workers in Detroit reported in as usual on Monday as negotiators for the United Auto Workers and GM agreed to a short break in contract talks after a 16-hour bargaining session broke off at 3 a.m. Analysts believe the marathon talks indicate a deal is near.

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