A spokesman for Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign said the staff will tighten its vetting procedures for accepting contributions after returning about $850,000 to some 260 donors linked to fugitive fundraiser Norman Hsu. A backer of Democratic candidates, Hsu was arrested last week at a Colorado hospital on federal charges of trying to escape sentencing on a decade-old fraud conviction.

In an Associated Press-Ipsos poll conducted before this week's testimony about the US troop surge in Iraq, 59 percent of the public said they believe history will judge the Iraq war a complete or partial failure.

Four Chicago mobsters, convicted Monday on charges of racketeering conspiracy and involvement in a series of murders, now await the outcome of a second round of jury deliberations to determine if they'll serve life sentences. Most of those killed were either federal witnesses in organized crime investigations or potential witnesses.

At loggerheads with the state's Democratic lawmakers over a healthcare bill he plans to veto, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) of California called a special legislative session to work out a deal. The two sides are at odds over how to pay to cover needy, uninsured people.

A coalition of Hawaii community groups is negotiating with the state to turn the Acadia, a 642-foot destroyer tender decommissioned in 1994 and docked at Pearl Harbor, into a homeless shelter. Such use would be a first, say military officials. Homelessness is a growing problem in Hawaii, where the high cost of living is a challenge for low-income families.

US bridges are "deteriorating far faster than we can finance their replacement," Sen. Patty Murray (D) of Washington said Monday after the Senate approved $1 billion to speed the repair and replacement of America's crumbling bridges.

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