Tropical storm Erin began dumping heavy rain along the Texas coast Thursday morning but was not expected to gain hurricane strength. The first hurricane of the Atlantic season, named Dean, was tracking south of Cuba.

NASA managers reviewed data Thursday as they tried to reach a final decision on whether or not to repair a small gouge in the shuttle Endeavour's belly that could lead to damage to the craft's aluminum frame, but not endanger the crew, upon reentry.

Rescuers searching for six men trapped in Utah's Crandall Canyon Mine since an Aug. 6 collapse said Wednesday that equipment lowered through a borehole revealed an intact chamber and potentially breathable air. Vibration monitors also detected some noise in the mountain, but its source was unknown. There's still no evidence the men are alive.

The percentage of teens who say they attend high schools with drug problems has increased from 44 percent to 61 percent since 2002, according to a study released Thursday by Columbia University's National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse.

Middle East immigrants disillusioned with life in America represent a growing domestic terrorist threat, according to a New York Police Department study based on thwarted domestic plots around country.

Nearly 30 states have begun marriage education programs or will soon in an effort to reduce divorce rates and thereby promote family stability and economic well-being, reports. Texas is the latest state to adopt such a program.

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