This just burns me up

Unless they're in the product- testing business, not many people would buy a new pickup truck one day and then set it on fire the next, right? No, they wouldn't. But that's what happened one warm morning earlier this month in the small western Pennsylvania community of Addison Township. In fact, the vehicle belonged to the community, which was garaging it in the municipal building, a structure also used for meetings and as a polling place for elections. And wait 'til you learn who started the blaze: the municipal supervisors. Well, not deliberately, of course. According to reports, they'd been out behind the building burning some trash, which they apparently assumed was safe to leave unattended. Not so, as it turned out. Soon, said assistant fire chief Bill Barlow, "The building was pretty much fully involved." By the time the sixth volunteer fire department arrived to finish battling the flames the building was a charred hulk, and that prized new pickup truck was "totally destroyed." Residents had gotten fewer than100 miles worth of value for their money. But at least there were no injuries, and the vehicle, the snow plow that had been parked next to it, and the structure itself were insured. Fortunately, township records – presumably among them the bill of sale for the pickup – were stored at the home of one of those supervisors.

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