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Hummus Anyone? While in the West Bank city of Nablus last week (see story), staff writer Dan Murphy witnessed what he thought was going to be an execution. Rammi Nasser, a Hamas supporter recently released from Israeli prison, was attacked by the linebacker-sized Al Aqsa militia member Ahmed Abu Seltah and friends.

Mr. Seltah pulled his 9 mm pistol from his pants, and chased Mr. Nasser around the frightened milling crowd, many of whom screamed out that they were convinced that Nasser was about to be murdered. Other people pushed Seltah's gun down, and Nasser was dragged into the safety of the police station.

Afterward, Dan called a friend in Israel to confirm plans to see him that evening. He also described this bizarre near-murder. Dan expected his friend to be astonished, too. Instead, he replied, "Wait. You're in Nablus? Be sure to bring me some hummus." That only confirmed to Dan that Israeli and Palestinian passion for the puréed chickpeas is universal.

– David Clark Scott
World editor

This week's look ahead

Tuesday, July 24:
Seoul, South Korea – North and South Korea hold high-level military talks.
Melbourne, Australia - Two men accused of terrorism offenses for alleged fundraising for Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers return to court
.Aguas Negras, Costa Rica – Twenty teenagers who have each lost a parent on Sept. 11 begin a visit to Costa Rica, where they will conduct charitable projects for the poor.

Thursday, July 26:
Washington – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on construction delays in building the US Embassy in Baghdad.

– Associated Press

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