A fiery quiz for July

Are you looking forward to seeing a big fireworks display in your town this week? While you wait, take this quick quiz about other forms of "fire."

1. This small flying beetle looks as though it has a light that blinks off and on as it flies through the night sky.

FIRE _ _ _

2. It's a big red truck that has a loud siren. It carries large hoses and ladders. (2 words)

FIRE _ _ _ _ _ _

3. This is a slang term for getting excited about something. (3 words)

A_ _ FIRE_ U_

4. Another term for the short logs that are cut from the trunk and limbs of trees that have been felled.

FIRE _ _ _ _

5. This tiny crawling insect from South America is now found in warm parts of the US, and it stings those it gets on. (2 words)

FIRE _ _ _

6. Also known as a hydrant, this holds water for fighting fires.

FIRE _ _ _ _

Answers on next page.


1. Firefly

2. Fire engine

3. All fired up

4. Firewood

5. Fire ant

6. Fireplug

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