Places where Independence Day has a little extra meaning

As Americans prepare for July 4 picnics, parades, concerts, and fireworks displays, feelings of red-white-and-blue patriotism tend to surge. Consider Philadelphia and Boston, for instance, where historical connections to the Founding Fathers lend a special relevance to the celebrations. But many other cities are linked to the holiday by virtue of their very names – such as Liberty, Mo.; Freedom, Calif.; and Patriot, Ind. Even places named for signers of the Declaration of Independence – Adams, Franklin, Hancock, Jefferson, etc. – use the occasion to recognize their special heritage. Finally, there are the communities that took the name Independence itself when they were incorporated. The largest of these (not including townships), in order of population, using the latest available Census Bureau statistics:

Independence, Mo. 110,208
Independence, Ky. 19,065
Independence, Kansas 9,284
Independence, Ore. 8,193
Independence, Ohio 6,869
Independence, Iowa 6,054
Independence, Minn. 3,528
Independence, La. 1,718
Independence, Wis. 1,246
Independence, N.Y. 1,062

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