Into it: Bryan Ferry

The singer-songwriter dishes on a new favorite movie – one that involves costumes and a lot of special effects – and the best record store in Antwerp.

... Reading?

I just finished this Agatha Christie book. It's called The Mystery of the Blue Train. It was all about jewelry theft on an exotic train at high speeds. Fantastic! It's a new thing [for me]. Somebody gave it to me as a present, so I went out and bought all the rest of [her books]. They're about 20 of them. I find them quite relaxing. And I just picked up another one, Death on the Nile. I will start that tonight.

... Watching?

[The movie] 300. It's good, highly stylized. It's kind of amazing how they can do that now with graphics and special effects. I like the fact that there wasn't a "star" in it, a famous actor like Brad Pitt or somebody. So that was refreshing. I like costume dramas with Greeks and Persians.

... Listening to?

When I was in Antwerp on tour, I found this fantastic record store, It was selling mainly second-hand vinyl and CDs, I bought this great boxed set and it was all instrumental jazz, mostly from the '40s and '50s, with lots of Charlie Parker on it. I revere Charlie Parker.

Bryan Ferry released his 12th solo disc, "Dylanesque," an album of 11 Bob Dylan songs, on June 19.

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