Into It: Suze Orman

We ask TV's personal-finance expert what she's reading, watching, and listening to.

... Reading

I don't read books. The reason I don't read books is that I write them. For me, personally, I have a very strong and distinct voice... I'm writing all the time. If I read another book, and I get another author's voice in my own head, my own work tends not to be what it should be. However, if I was going to be reading a book, I'm totally curious about The Diana Chronicles] by Tina Brown. I loved Princess Di. I am truly curious as to what Tina would have said about her. I'm also kind of curious about the books that have recently been written about Hillary Clinton. The book I'd like to read is the one called A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton] by Carl Bernstein. When I do read something, when I'm not writing, I'd rather read [nonfiction]. There's a dancer, Edward Villela, who's now the artistic director of the Miami City Ballet. His story, The Prodigal Son], fascinated me. Stories of people and their lives fascinate me and him – in particular, a young boy who wanted to be a dancer [while] his parents wanted his sister to be the dancer. But what he did absolutely amazed me. There's also a book I'd like to read called Eat, Pray, Love] by Elizabeth Gilbert. She took a year off to do three things: To eat and to pray and to love. It's her adventure with that.

... Listening to

I listen to Sirius or XM. What am I listening to? Fox News, CNN, CNBC. I love to listen to talk shows that are controversial. It's there that you learn about what people are really thinking. "How can they think that? What are they talking about? How can they say that?" That intrigues me, not as a put-down of them ... but obviously no one has been able to communicate that which should have been communicated.


I love, seriously love, Dancing with the Stars]. To watch an almost immediate transformation of their body, their posture, what they're able to do, is fascinating. It's something they can't fake. (You can fake singing.) And I love the banter between the judges. Do I watch American Idol]? I watch that when I can. I love Ugly Betty] and Grey's Anatomy]. I very seldom get to watch them on TV, I usually watch them on My favorite movie of last year was Happy Feet]. I loved that movie more than life itself. The movie that fascinated me the most, believe it or not, was not a very popular movie. It was a movie called The Prestige]. I downloaded it on my computer and I watched it over and over and over again. I wanted to make sure I got every single nuance. The movie I've really, really enjoyed recently is [La Vie En Rose], the one [about] Edith Piaf. Maybe it's because I loved that she didn't care about what others thought. She really went for it. I like it when I can't write the ending.

On June 18, American Women in Radio and Television will present Suze Orman with her fourth Gracie Award for Outstanding Talk Show. The Suze Orman Show airs Saturdays on CNBC at 9 p.m. ET.

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