The FBI has violated rules more than 1,000 times while collecting data on domestic phone calls, e-mails, and financial transactions in recent years, reported The Washington Post. This information was garnered from an internal FBI audit that covers just 10 percent of the bureau's national security investigations since 2002, leading FBI officials to suggest that the actual violations probably number several thousand.

"Key allies" of the US, who went unnamed, must step up their efforts to keep money and weapons out of enemies' reach, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Thursday. Several of the United States' anti-terror supporters have yet to criminalize money laundering and terrorist financing.

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards announced the details of his healthcare overhaul plan to a Detroit crowd on Thursday. He spoke of reducing healthcare costs by removing drug patents and requiring health insurance companies to spend at least 85 percent of their premiums on patient care.

Two players from the Cuban national soccer team appear to have defected. Forward Lester More and midfielder Osvaldo Alonso went missing while in East Rutherford, N.J. and Houston, respectively. Cuban coach Raul Gonzalez refused to confirm the defection, but told reporters, "They went for the gold. I hope they don't end up with thorns." Above, Alonso (right) defends against Mexico during an East Rutherford game.

Counterfeit toothpaste sold under a Colgate label is being recalled because it may contain a poisonous chemical commonly found in antifreeze. The toothpaste has been sold at discount stores in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. The Colgate-Palmolive Co. denies any association with the tainted product, which bears a telltale Made in South Africa mark.

Former planet Pluto has now been stripped of its consolation-prize status as the largest dwarf planet. Eris, fittingly named after the Greek goddess of rivalry, now fills the position of largest known dwarf planet.

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