A Week's Worth: Quick takes on the world of work and money

The Dow drops; Most Americans lack a strategy to pay off debts; Many dads go without gifts.

Analysts say a spike in US government bond yields sparked a three-day sell-off on Wall Street last week as the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.78 percent.

Except for what they owe on their mortgages, three-quarters of Americans age 19 and older say they can envision being debt-free at some point, according to results of a survey by loan-provider LendingTree. But 48 percent of respondents said they're "uncomfortable" with their current debt level and, alarmingly, 54 percent admitted to having no definitive strategy for managing it.

The most outdated myths in corporate culture are that only teamwork, communication, and centralized control can accomplish a mission. Or, so says Kevan Hall, author of "Speed Lead," a new book on simpler ways of managing people. As companies grow, he says, the entrepreneurial spirit that made them successful fades, bureaucracy increases, and progress becomes the victim. The solution: looser groups of individuals who know how to separate important information from trivia and whose productivity isn't dragged down by micromanagement.

Father's Day is pretty much of a yawn, even for fathers, according to results of surveys by Discover Card and TiVo, the digital video recording company. TiVo got only a 51 percent "yes" response when it asked Americans if they plan any observance of the day. Only 42 percent of respondents told Discover Card they planned to give Dad a gift on his day.

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