Into It: Catherine Coulter

We ask the author of suspense thrillers and historical romances about her favorite DVDs, CDs, and books.


Harry Potter is my favorite series of all time, and, bitter tears, the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is coming out in July. Ah, the possibilities: Is Harry going to die in a final duel with Voldemort? Will Dumbledore come back, proving Snape isn't really a villain? Will all three of the kids survive? Listen up, Rowling can't kill Harry – I want Harry to be headmaster at Hogwarts in 50 years. There is a big worry here though: If they don't pick up their pace on producing Harry Potter movies, the three main kids will be grandparents by the time they finish filming Rowling's series. Another of my favorite series is Elizabeth Peters's tales about Amelia Peabody. But, you know, bottom line, I simply can't imagine not going to sleep without a book open over my chest.


Let's be upfront here: I believe God created fall for professional football. There's nothing like pulling down the shades Sunday morning, buttering the croissants, and bundling under a thick afghan in front of the TV for the 10:00 a.m. game. Just imagine – three games, back to back to back. Don't forget Monday Night Football with John and Al. Hmmm, maybe Thursday night too. Every day of the week would be just fine, thank you. When football season is over, big sigh, my husband and I ski until we break something, then we settle in front of Jeopardy!, figuring our two brains together equal one contestant. If we're feeling really sluglike, we stay tuned to Vanna and Pat. Since we've seen every Law & Order episode four times, off goes the tube.


Do you know there are about six minutes of commercials between small segments of whatever you're listening to on the radio? This leads to radio rage. And so I always listen to audio books. Right now – don't laugh – but I'm listening to one of my own FBI books since I'm supposed to pick out the reader for the new book Double Take and am trying to find one I really like. I very much like any suspense adventure, like [anything by James] Patterson or John Sandford.

Catherine Coulter's latest novel, "Double Take" (G.P. Putnam), hits bookstores June 12.

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