Into It: Ann Brashares

We ask the author of 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' what she's reading, watching, and listening to.

... Reading

In the last month I read two books I absolutely loved. The first was Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. It has an unusual narrative structure, but do not be put off by it. It is a brilliant, funny, amazing book. The second was Lonesome Dove [by Larry McMurtry]. I was moved to go out and buy it when my trusted friend (and literary agent) said, "You haven't read 'Lonesome Dove'? I am jealous." Now I, in turn, am jealous of all of you who have yet to experience the pleasure of it.

... Watching

I loved the movie Junebug. For a while, I would not shut up about it. I don't exactly know why I loved it. I just did. I am also attached to a series called Foyle's War. It's a detective show based in England in the Second World War. I think the writing and acting – the whole show actually – is quite wonderful. I watched Rushmore again recently. That's one of my all-time favorites.

... Listening to

I'm enjoying Beethoven's violin sonatas lately – especially the Kreutzer. And also Brahms. I've always loved that first sonata for piano and violin. I never tire of The Marriage of Figaro, especially the second and third acts. When I run I listen to Led Zeppelin, John Prine, Mos Def, Wilco, The Rolling Stones – Factory Girl is one of the great songs for running. I've also got a lot of '70s disco tunes on my iPod. Thelma Houston's Don't Leave Me This Way gives a burst of adrenaline every time.

Ann Brashares's new novel, "The Last Summer (of You and Me)," will be published by Riverhead on June 5.

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