Quiz: How well do you know the 50 states?

For kids: Test your knowledge of the nifty 50 states and their capitals.

Here's a quiz about the United States. "Not geography," you protest! Not at all. Try this first without a map. Then, take out a map and see how many of these you can do as you hunt for clues.

1. Do you know the state names that are made up of more than one word? One fifth of the 50 states have names with two words.

2. Can you name state capitals that resemble seasons or months of the year?

3. Which state and capital combination has the most letters all together? There are two. Do not count spaces or punctuation as letters. For instance, Augusta, Maine, has 12 letters – seven in Augusta and five in Maine.

4. Which state names begin and end with the same letter? Hint: There are four.

5. Although the spelling of this state has 11 letters in total, it actually only uses four letters of the alphabet. What is it?

6. This state's name is nine letters long and uses only four letters of the alphabet. Name that state!

7. What is the only state whose capital's name is made up of three words – with each of the three words having four letters in them?

8. How many states can you name that have only one vowel? Hint: The vowel can be repeated.

9. What states have their names as part of the names of their state capital? Hint: There are two.

10. Can you name the four sets of states and capitals that have the state and the capital names beginning with the same letter?

11. Can you name the four state capitals (and the state in which the city is found) that have "city" in their names?


1. New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, and West Virginia.

2. Augusta (Maine) and Springfield (Illinois).

3. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Charleston, West Virginia, both have 22 letters each.

4. Alabama, Arizona, Alaska, and Ohio.

5. Mississippi.

6. Tennessee.

7. Utah (Salt Lake City).

8. There are six: Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

9. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

10. Dover, Delaware; Honolulu, Hawaii; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

11. Jefferson City, Missouri; Carson City, Nevada; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Salt Lake City, Utah.

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