Pro hockey's old guard now mostly ice cold in title play

This weekend, the National Hockey League will honor the six living members of the powerhouse Montreal Canadiens team that won five Stanley Cup championships, beginning in 1956. The occasion surely will evoke memories of the league's old guard and its original six franchises, which, for the most part, have struggled to win the cup in modern times. Montreal last won in 1993, the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1951, the Chicago Blackhawks in 1961, the Boston Bruins in 1971, and the New York Rangers in 1994. Only the Detroit Red Wings (winners in 2002) have secured the cup in recent years. Nor will any of the original franchises take home the title this season, since the Ottawa Senators and Anaheim Ducks are battling in the best-of-seven-game championship series. The Stanley Cup winners over the past 10 years:

Detroit Red Wings 1997
Detroit Red Wings 1998
Dallas Stars 1999
New Jersey Devils 2000
Colorado Avalanche 2001
Detroit Red Wings 2002
New Jersey Devils 2003
Tampa Bay Lightning 2004
No playoffs due to lockout 2005
Carolina Hurricanes 2006

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