A Week's Worth: Quick takes on the world of work and money

Another record week for the Dow Jones, half of American workers want to stay put in their current jobs, many travelers skip the minibar in their hotel rooms.

Another week, another record for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. As trading closed Friday, it was up 230.31 points, or 1.7 percent – the seventh weekly gain in a row and longest sustained stretch since January 2004.

Even with the job market growing as the economy zips along, almost half of working Americans have told pollsters they hope never to leave their current places of employment. Express Personnel Services, an international staffing specialist, says its latest quarterly survey found 48 percent of respondents wanted to stay right where they are – a phenomenon that tended to increase with age. Seventy-one percent said they plan to stay with their current employers for at least the next five years.

OK, that big promotion you've been wanting finally has come your way. How will you handle it? If results of a recent survey of business executives by Development Dimensions International are any guide, you'll find it to be a challenge without parallel. Why? Among other reasons: the increased reliance on others and greater exposure to office politics.

When you travel, do you use the minibar in your hotel or motel room? Many guests, apparently, do not. One-third of respondents to a worldwide poll told TripAdvisor, the travel service, they never open the door – mostly because they expect the drinks and snacks inside to be overpriced. Seven percent reported being charged even for borrowing the small fridges to chill drinks or perishables they brought with them.

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