I think I'll put it up on blocks

If you haven't heard, York Heiden has been reunited with his prize pearl-colored 1990 Audi again. That's after it was stolen for the second time... in one day. Yes, you read that correctly. Back on April 27, while his wife was using the car for errands in Stevens Point, Wis., a thief helped himself to it in the parking lot of a grocery store – an easy heist because the keys had been left in the ignition. But Stevens Point is a town of only about 25,000 people, and Heiden reasoned that the car might be found sooner rather than later if he called acquaintances and asked them to be on the lookout for it. Sure enough, a mechanic friend spotted it not far away and determined that the keys were gone. So, at Heiden's request, he reached under the dashboard and pulled the ignition coil loose. Alas, the Audi is a V-8 Quattro model and has a two-coil system. Someone – apparently the same thief – knew it still could be started, and by the time Heiden arrived with a backup key it was gone again. "I was speechless," he told reporters. "All I could do was hold the key in my hand and look at it." Four days later, another acquaintance located the car and telephoned police. This time, however, a headlight had been broken and some interior trim was damaged. But at least those were fixable. That matters because, despite its age, the Audi is still valuable due to that eight-cylinder engine, a rarity. And Heiden should know: He owns a car-repair business.

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