Wind blowing? That means more power for Bay Area city

Anyone who's driven east from the San Francisco Bay Area into California's Altamont Pass no doubt has been struck by the sight of hillsides covered in giant wind turbines. It is one of the largest wind power generating areas in the US, which helps explain why nearby Oakland leads the country in using renewable energy. According to SustainLane Government, an environmentally oriented Internet and media company, Oakland draws 17 percent of its electricity from renewable sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal. California has mandated that by 2020, 20 percent of utility purchases come from renewable sources. The US cities that currently use the highest percentage of renewable energy, according to SustainLane Government:

1. Oakland, Calif.17.0%
2. Sacramento, San Francisco,San Jose (tied) 12.0%
3. Portland, Ore.10.0%
4. Boston 8.6%
5. San Diego 8.0%
6. Austin, Texas 6.0%
7. Los Angeles 5.0%
8. Minneapolis 4.5%
9. Seattle 3.5%
10. Chicago 2.5%

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