Into it: Paulina Porizkova

The '80s supermodel and 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant dishes on what she's reading, listening to, and watching.

... Reading

I just finished Boomsday [by Christopher Buckley]. And right before that I finished Ten Days in the Hills, that was by Jane Smiley. I just loved the story. It was quite slow; I don't mean that in a negative sense. It was like water, the fluidity and the stream of it were just really beautiful.

... Watching

Well, movies, hello, I wish I had the time. I'm a reader so I don't go out of my way for movies. But I do like TV, my favorite program being House. I'm a Lost person, too. And of course, Dancing with the Stars. And yes, I still watch it. It wasn't their fault I got kicked off… . I had such a great time. I just was a little bummed that they threw me out of the playground before I was ready to go.

... Listening to

While I was writing my book I listened to The Bee Gees pretty much night and day ... that was sort of taking me back to the time I needed to go back into. You know how music works like a time machine. Now I'm kind of sick of all old music and I really want to find something new. The new thing that I've listened to so far that inspired me was The Fratellis. And Mika, kind of. But I'm desperately looking around for something great and I'm not finding it. Maybe it's the radio's fault. I need to get satellite radio.

Paulina Porizkova's first novel, "A Model Summer," (Hyperion) is out now.

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