PBS delves into America's fastest-growing religion

In 'The Mormons,' filmmaker Helen Whitney accesses the religion's top leaders.

The Mormons (PBS, Monday April 30, 9 p.m.): Award-winning filmmaker Helen Whitney had unprecedented access to top leaders as well as critics of what she calls the fastest-growing religion in America. This is fascinating viewing for anyone interested in the growing pains of a new religion, although it has some serious flaws. Many sources, asserting important theological or historical points, are labeled only "author" or "writer," leaving it to viewers to determine credibility or biases (some are church members, some are not). Also, while the film dwells at length on controversial church doctrines such as early polygamy and baptism of the dead, it gives surprisingly little time to laying out the full Mormon belief system and how it compares to other religions. Grade: B

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