In support of the students

A Christian Science perspective: A message from The Christian Science Board of Directors.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the students of Virginia Tech today as they return to classes. They, their families, and students and faculty members on campuses at every level and in every region of the country deserve constant and calming support from their larger human family. Through thousands of messages posted on many websites, prayer vigils in many cities, and other demonstrations of solidarity, people around the world already have rallied to the side of those most directly touched by last week's tragedy. Perhaps now more than ever, though, these students need to feel the tangible support of a caring, praying public.

The Virginia Tech community has shown a heartfelt commitment to remember those taken from them by going forward with their lives – with their education and with love for a resilient school, but also with their hopes and dreams for the future. During the coming days and weeks, the quiet contributions of spiritually animated people everywhere can do much to help quell the alarm and unease that many within the education field feel as they close out the school year. Every heart yearns for the inclusive love that comes from a source far higher than human emotion – from divine Love, God. That's the message, and the need, of this hour.

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