Visiting the end of the world

Reader Rosemary Smith took a cruise to Antarctica.

Where did you go? We traveled to Antarctica, the Chilean fjords, Patagonia, and the Magellan Channel.

Where did you stay? Aboard the MS Nordkapp, a 350-passenger Norwegian cruise ship. The vessel is a specially designed for awe-inspiring cruising of the "White Continent." Our cabin provided the best in adventure cruising thanks to its panoramic views.

What did you do? We rounded Cape Horn and sailed across Drake's Passage. Due to rough water, many of our landings by PolarCirkel boats were, well, quite exciting. The islands were surrounded by the spectacular Andes mountains, ice cliffs, glaciers and icebergs, some as large as small cities. We observed thousands of penguins sitting on their rock nests awaiting their soon-to-be hatched offspring. We visited the Museum at the End of the World in Ushuaia, Argentina – the world's southernmost city.

What did you learn? The Antarctica International Treaty protects the continent from commercial exploitation of resources. Seventy percent of the world's water is contained within the continent.

What did you eat? The Nordkapp culinary staff provided sumptuous buffets and four-course sitdown dinners. Our entrées included various kinds of fish, reindeer, mutton, lamb, venison, and even a whole roasted pig!

Where have you been? What did you do? Write us at Weekend.

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