On same wavelength? Mom, Dad, kids, and college choices

Although many parents have their own ideas about which colleges they'd like their sons or daughters to attend, it turns out that there's often rough agreement between the two camps on the matter. The Princeton Review education services company found this to be true in a survey of about 4,500 college applicants and 1,200 parents. When the students were asked where they'd most like to enroll, six of their Top 10 choices also turned out to be among the top picks identified by the parents' group. While participation was open on a nationwide basis, the results tend to reflect an Eastern bias. The most desirable destinations, according to student respondents, with the corresponding ranking by parents (in parentheses)*:

• 1. New York University
• 2. Harvard (3)
• 3. Stanford (1)
• 4. Princeton (2)
• 5. Columbia
• 6. Yale (6)
• 7. University of California, Los Angeles
• 8. Brown (4)
• 9. Georgetown (10)
•10. University of Pennsylvania

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