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Ranking Oval Office occupants on their skill at foreign policy

Presidents of the United States usually enter office with a goodly amount of domestic political experience. Dealing with foreign affairs, however, generally requires a lot of on-the-job learning, including about how to deal with crises of various kinds. To determine who have been the greatest foreign- policy presidents over the past century, Foreign Policy magazine put researchers at the College of William and Mary to work surveying 1,112 international relations professors. Based on their answers, Franklin Roosevelt, whose leadership shone during World War II, received the highest marks.The presidents who've done the best and worst jobs handling international issues during this time. according to the survey (Note: Current President Bush was included in the field.):


1. Franklin Roosevelt
2. Harry Truman
3. Richard Nixon
4. Bill Clinton
5. Ronald Reagan


1. Herbert Hoover
2. Calvin Coolidge
3. William Taft
4. Lyndon Johnson
5. Warren Harding

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