A Week's Worth

Another wobbly week on Wall Street sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average back into decline – again due to worry over mortgage foreclosures. The Dow lost 166 points, or 1.4 percent.

A one-time refund of at least $30 is yours when you file your federal taxes, provided you paid for long- distance phone service going back to 2003. But commercial tax preparers estimate that so far almost 10 million filers haven't capitalized on it, probably because they weren't aware of the need to fill out Form 1040EZ-T. The giveback tops out at $60.

If you aren't paid as much as you think you deserve, the reason may be your job title: It's too impressive. So says compensation expert Salary.com Inc. In a survey of 11,852 employees and 311 human resource professionals, it found that 30 percent of respondents were probably "over-titled," making them feel underpaid. But an analysis found that only 22 percent made less money than the fair-market value of duties performed.

Despite potential problems down the road, relatively few employers have projected the retirement rates of their staffs, according to Boston College's Center on Aging and Work. It surveyed 578 organizations and discovered that a hefty majority regard finding competent job applicants as a "significant" challenge. Yet only 37 percent had strategies urging skilled and loyal "late career" employees to stay past traditional retirement age.

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