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World War II Honor: Staff writer Robert Marquand attended an ecumenical service in Berlin Sunday honoring the Nazi resister Helmuth James von Moltke, who was executed in January 1945 (see story). Von Moltke's widow, who has long lived near Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, attended. "She radiates kindness and intelligence," Bob recalls from having met her before. "She seems to have infinite patience. And she always has time for young people."

Bob says that the church was overflowing. "The audience radiated thoughtfulness – and sang loudly. You had a feeling that people – mostly older, but of all ages – were there out of conscience," he says. Psalm 34 was read during the service. "One elderly lady said that it was important that Von Moltke become better known. His Christianity, she told me, was something that was forged from within – it wasn't added to him. She said that he expressed an enlightened Christianity that was important for peace."

This week's look ahead

Monday, March 12

Guatemala City – US President Bush meets Guatemalan President Oscar Berger.

Tuesday, March 13

Mérida, Mexico – President Bush visits. Vatican City – Russia's President Vladimir Putin meets Pope Benedict XVI.

Wednesday, March 14

Belfast, Northern Ireland – Assembly scheduled to elect all 12 posts in new Catholic-Protestant administration.

Dominican Republic – Presidents of Haiti, Colombia, and Dominican Republic discuss strategy to fight drug trafficking.

Thursday, March 15

Budapest, Hungary – Antigovernment protests planned during national holiday.

Nottingham, England – Opposition Conservative Party holds spring conference.

Friday, March 16

Paris – Close of period for French presidential candidates to obtain backing of 500 elected officials to get on April ballot.

Amelia Newcomb Deputy World editor

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