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Roger that!

Roger Waters hasn't spent much time in the recording studio of late, so the iTunes release of "Hello (I Love You)," a six-minute tune from the sci-fi film "The Last Mimzy," is a treat for Pink Floyd fans. With its openhearted rallying cry of a chorus and epic guitar, it sounds like an outtake from "The Wall."

On the tip of your tongue

For those frustrating times when a song is stuck in your head but you can't remember who wrote it – or the track's name – there's Sing or hum a few chords of the elusive tune and the site's search engine will analyze your voice and (hopefully) identify the tune. You can post your version of the song and vote on who has the best rendition.

Way to grow

In March, a gardener's fancy turns to seed catalogs. First, check out The Woodchuck's Guide to Gardening, in its sixth printing. The book, by Ron Krupp, has a Northern orientation, but it covers topics fit for any clime – canning, gardening with children, natural insect control, even "biodynamics" and a yarn about staking tomatoes with political placards (Krupp's a Vermonter, after all).

Book 'em, Danno!

"Hawaii Five-0," that fun old 1960s police drama, was – according to a tidbit on – filmed entirely on location. Here at Weekend, we're suckers for authenticity, so we're grateful to hear that the producers didn't skimp on the budget. But to be honest, we would have loved the characters on Hawaii Five-0, The Complete First Season (now available on DVD), if they'd been ice-skating across the frozen tundra of northwestern Canada.

A grand slam for besuboru

With the world's eyes on Red Sox pitching phenom Daisuke Matsuzaka, what a timely arrival for this colorful history of the Japanese baseball card. Sayonara Home Run! (Chronicle Books) tells the story of Japan's head-over-spikes love affair with America's national pastime, illustrated with hundreds of colorful cards dating from 1912 to the present day.

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